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Happy St Patrick’s Day and GPS!!!

Hello everyone.. not really everyone when no one is really reading it!! I hope that some day someone will read my blog.

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!!!   Top of the morning to ya…. if only it wasn’t nighttime.  Sorry for that!!   I hope that everyone wore something green….and if you didn’t then you needed to be pinched!! I wore a bright green shirt jacket today!!   Today for lunch a group of us from work went to an Irish pub here in town.  They were busy to say the least.  But they had some great food.  No beer was allowed due to it being “work hours”.

Ireland was one place in Europe that I didn’t get a chance to see and wanted to so badly!!!   I had plans to go there but the husband at the time (Now EX- thankfully) decided to fetch him a Bulgarian  while deployed to Kosovo… that messed up my trip to Ireland.   I wanted to go to Shannon,Ireland and of course to kiss the Blarney!!!    One day I will venture there and do all of that and probably enjoy it far more than I ever would have traveling with the ex…    Anyway, I have been on this earth for 39 years and I have never seen a Leprechaun….who has seen one…ever???  I don’t mean the munchkins either!!!!  Or better yet, who has found that pot of gold??!!!!  I’d rather see/find that pot of gold.

Since my job is moving me to Texas…I purchased a Garmin GPS….   I know —I’m always years after the fact…But I did get one.  She led me to Walmart tonight….. as if I didn’t know how to get there.. ha ha.  Anyway, we say “wohlmart”….. she said “wale mart”  long a sounding….  It was weird to hear it that way.  I almost thought she was confused.  I say “she” because it was the lady. I like to call her “Ms Garmin”.     Whatever did our ancestors do without a lady on some computerized device telling them when to turn and now even what street and how many feet??   Be lost no more!!!

And I wonder if I keyed in “Leprechaun pot of gold” would Ms Garmin find it for me????

Happy St Pat’s Day everyone………..  have some good luck and eat some corned beef and cabbage today along with a Guinness.  (the green beers is an American thing because everything should be green on this day!!)

More later.,

Anything to say!!


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Hello world!

Hello fellow WordPress viewers,

I feel that this will be interesting and very fun. I hope to meet some people and read some interesting things while I’m here.  Of course, I hope that you find my blog is interesting and worth reading.

Blogging could be used as a journal, diary, complaining about the day….or how the day was exciting!!!

Today at work wasn’t that great.   I had to come home and have a beer…or as Germans call it “BIER”!!!  Either way it was very good way to end such a bad day.  My day was bad because of dumb people that think they know what they are doing but yet they don’t understand the whole concept of processes…  In this case, I think I was right…I just hope my current boss saw that.   This work is one that is merging from the “sold” company to the “buyer” company.  Learning their processes will ensure my continued employment.   How many out there has worked at the “sold” company before during the merging of the two companies?  Were you able to stay with the new company, move with the new company and most of all ‘flourish’ with the new company?

Enough about work!!!    I’m female and is basically owned by my dog.  Anyone with a dog knows you’re either the “owner” or the “housekeeper” for this dog.   In my case my dog is very spoiled and has me wrapped about every one of his four paws!!!  I’m not exactly sure how that happened….. or when.  Somehow, he was able to do that to me.   Everything is centered around him.   He doesn’t take “no” very well…he is very demanding…  (just like a male right?!!!!)  Just kidding!!!

Since this is my first post, I’m very scattered.  This isn’t supposed to be many different things all combined into this one day’s blog right?? Just the main reason I decided to do a blog. I am hoping that it will be read, but of course, not everyone will have their blog read by many millions of people.   But can at least one other person read this??  I have titled my blog “anything to say”…therefore, there won’t be a decisive on-going blog of just one subject.  Some days I might blog about work, dog, home life, love life, politics, or just that Spring is FINALLY here.

So I will end it on that note.  Hopefully, this didn’t run anyone far far away…after all, you can’t make a decision on the first thing you read, right?? But first impressions are important…but not always the only impression, right??!!

Take care everyone…until tomorrow!!!

Anythingtosay is signing off for now!!

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