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Today’s thoughts!!

Today’s Thoughts…..

Everyone has thoughts and they typically have them daily.  But some days your thoughts are more scattered and more numerous than the day before.

I’m selling my house so that I can move to Texas for my job.  I have been to the area.. the DFW area a couple of times before. I believe it’s a nice place to be.  I will enjoy the scenery and the many things that that area has to offer.  However, I have to sell my house first.    It’s a small house, perfect first time home for a single person or lovely newlywed couple.  But where are those types of people?  Why aren’t they looking at my house to see the potential it has to offer.  I have enjoyed my house and would love to ship it to TX ….if I could.    I have gotten an offer….  it was rather insulting to say the least.   Then my counter was rejected.  They wanted me to give them the house for less than what I paid PLUS pay numerous fees due to an “FHA” loan and all of the closing costs.  Bah humbug!!!  So I’m still needing to sell my house.   I will be glad once it sells, not that I look forward to moving into another apartment.  But that is the best choice until I know I like the area.   I will like the work place though. I –so far– like the people there.  I’ve met them and think I get along with them so far.   That is always good.

Another thought,… they come so often and are always scattered and different from previous thoughts…   Last Thanksgiving, I was wanting to get a part time job.   Not that I love to be working 24/7 but something fun to do and make money while having to do it.   I first wanted to get one at Starbucks….on the local Air Force base… I know, but the AF isn’t the Army. My luck with Army isn’t good. But AF men are the cutest.  Find an Airman while making extra money.  That didn’t pan out.  And it’s April now.  My other thought was sorting and putting out cards at various stores.  This is, I think, a perfect PT job.   You pick your hours as long as you’re not causing any customer issues, AND you make money. AND you’re not working 24/7.    So today, I got a PT job doing cards at 7 stores around my current home.   This could be fun. I could work early mornings on Saturday or Sunday, or maybe a couple hours at night during the week –NOT every night.   Some weeks it could be 7 hours, and others 15 hours.    It would be fun and I wouldn’t have a boss always there watching me.  I’m hoping that when I do move (as that never came up today) that I could take this PT job with me.  It might be helpful way to learn the area and meet other people in TX.   Not to mention, make extra money.

If I’m slated to move, I wish everything would just fall into that place.. the place where the house is sold and I find an apartment.  Everything is moved and I find what I need in TX.

But usually nothing works on YOUR time…but on time in general.    If it did, then we’d all have stress-free lives and nothing but bliss all the time.

Until next time.

~~ Anything to Say~~


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