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It’s CrUnCh-TiMe!!

It’s CrUnCh TiMe!!  What could that mean to you out there?  Nothing but to me it’s absolute madness.

Why is it crunch-time?  My job is moving me to Texas.  That sounds great right…it would be but one small problem..

I have to sell my HOUSE!!!  Have you ever had to sell your house so that you might have more opportunites to explore your life in other ways.  Sure when one door closes another one opens. But what if that one door never closes… it stays open.  That is my house…they house that hasn’t sold after being on the market almost 2 months.   So yes it’s crunch- time!!!

I have dropped the price as of today!!  Will that help it sell. One should have to wait to find out.

Why continue writing on this page when no one reads it!!!   blah blah blah!!!!!


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