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What I have learned from moving…..

Moving because my job demanded it.  Sounds typically stressful right??   You have NO IDEA!!!!

Let’s begin about 2 years ago.  Happily going to work each day, and thinking of the future at a growing  communications company.   Then the rumors went rampant that afternoon, we were sold!!!   It couldn’t be.   It really couldn’t be.

It was!!!!

Fast forward to this year.   Mid-February 2010,  we were told that our jobs would be moving to TX.   DFW area to be exact.   Doesn’t sound that bad, I thought.   I thought a  lot could happen and a new future for myself.   At least if the job failed there were tons to be had in DFW of Texas!!!!  The state that hasn’t had a lot of downtime due to the economy.. but that is a whole nother story.   I had a home of 4 years to sale and then pack.   I was going to sell the house , have a huge yard sale and move very little besides lots of extra money.  Yeah right!!!

After 2 months being on the market and 2 quite insulting offers, my house wasn’t sold.  And worse, I was getting called with an ultimatum… YES ULTIMATUM  to be in TX by July 1st of decide by end of the day to take severance.    I kicked into high gear on that.  I called contacts at another communications company and had a job interview via phone THAT day!!  I then, had a face to face interview two days later.  So I had to stay on and say I would move. All the while hoping and praying I got that job.

You see some don’t take to kindly to the ways of ultimatums!!! I didn’t like that and to make matters worse. The one giving it was a NEW boss and was frankly an ASS!!!!  I wanted nothing more than to call on July 1st with the message that I wasn’t moving after all and nor was I giving the standard 2 weeks notice.

So fast forward to May 15th.  I came to TX to find an apartment. I have a dog you see, so therefore, this process was based on his needs.   I found one in one day basically.   However, it wasn’t my HOME!!!!!  My house, luckily for me ONLY FINANCIALLY, was rented by a gal that I believe will take good care of it.   However, upon arriving in TX — it’s hot as HELL, and I find myself lonely more so than I ever thought I would.  I have gotten out, only to have my car –front bumper- parked on by a Ford F150.   Plus, the fact that I didn’t care too much for the new boss, it got worse.  I don’t think he likes women…. or at least not a female that is smart, and has a Master’s degree.   My knowledge and experience is going to the wayside.

So what have I learned from this move…… job isn’t worth it!!!    When in the situation that your company is being sold to another one….GET OUT!!!!! Don’t stay because empty promises from a boss that won’t end up being your boss.  The one that you’re stuck with will be a complete IDIOT that doesn’t even know what the group does.   Plus, the fact that apartment life doesn’t compare to a HOUSE!!!!!

But hopefully, things will turn up!!! My new outlook as far as job is concerned is just that… it’s a job!!! It AFFORDS me a roof over my head and every two weeks I get money to spend!!!  I work 8 hours a day and come home and not think about it until the next 8 hours start up again!!!

Most important things are what you have outside of work!!!  That’s the main learning from this experience.    I know what I’m capable of…and no boss will ever take that away and only time will allow one to find another job that might just be that one to make one happier!!!

Until next time folks!!!

Leave comments…..what have you gone through on a move, regardless if for work, or just a move??!!!


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