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I read a good quote this morning on Facebook.   It read, “there is at some point in life when an ‘undo’ is required… it is all up to the individual”.

That is so my life right now.  I had a BAD morning at work!!!!    I know imagine that!!!  But still this bullsh** ‘duty’ the new manager has me doing is going to screw up my career path…  I had it all mapped out and really BELIEVED moving would help that come to play more.  I should have listened to my gut feeling especially after I received the “ultimatum” call.    ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOUR GUT FEELINGS!!!!     There is a reason this is a SMART idea!!!   I don’t care for the new manager and the fact that even HE doesn’t know this stupid project so who the heck can help me when questions arise??    Plus what I could be excelling at, he has no intentions of having me do any of that.   And the one guy I really liked that was already here is really turning on me!!!  Yeah, I didn’t think he would either!!!   Boy was I wrong.  And him and the other lady in the group conspire to make it a one company vs the bought out company of a group.   I don’t understand that.  He use to talk to me and now unless I speak FIRST to anyone really not just to him,  NO ONE ever talks to me first.  I can NOT stand to be somewhere – especially at work — and no one ever speaks to you.

I thought of something today, on my way back to work after lunch….and it actually brought a smile to my face.    Because I kind of feel that I’m in a pickle here especially where work is concerned, not sure how this job here is going to “grow” my career or will it set it back a couple of years…I thought there’s always a reason for things happening around you.   Now I think I know why my house didn’t sell.   I’m thankful now it’s only being rented.   I can always go back to it!!!!   I have signed a one-year apartment lease, and have someone renting out my house for a year.   But come January if things aren’t better for me here, then I am applying for every job I can find back home.  When I get one– I’m moving back into MY HOME, and will update my house as I always wanted to!!!  I can’t wait!!!

So my plan is to lay low……as best I can at this horrible mistake of a job.  I will be a good worker just buying time until I either get a job here that is forward looking or getting a job back home.   After all, I know what I am capable of as far as work and career is concerned.   Just give me strength!!!!   It’s so stressful and I really hate the environment.

Anyway, it’s the weekend!!!   Nothing planned….   Just hanging out and staying cool with all this hot weather!!!

Until next time!!


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