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Christmas – Gaylord Texan way…It’s all about ICE!!!!

It’s Christmas time!!   It’s hard to believe this year is coming to an end.  I won’t even post yet about how my year has gone!!!   No, I will now talk about Christmas in Grapevine, Texas.     Even better, the ICE at the Gaylord Texan hotel in Grapevine.   I believe, in August, they had some carvers flown in from China to start carving their latest ICE exhibit.   It’s 2 MILLION POUNDS of ice.    This year the theme is “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang this time of year.   Well, imagine viewing the whole tv show in person…. in 9 degrees!!!!   A bit intimidating for those that don’t like the cold.  Those that don’t like winter or temps below 70, might not want to attend this festive showing.

The Gaylord Texan is something to see in and of itself.   It’s HUGE, and the inside is spectacular.  You can view this at  I won’t continue to talk about that as the website has a panoramic view of the inside of their hotel.  It’s something to see.     The ICE exhibit begins in this huge waiting area, that has a huge Christmas train and village to view.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a train display like that.    Then you walk in with the sounds of the theme from “Charlie Brown Christmas”.  It’s not that cold.  But you have your coat and gloves that they insist you wear.  I had a new coat on that is fluffy and had a faux feathering hat attached.   But they will give you a Parka to wear.   So when the guy handed me a Parka, I thought it was instead of my coat.  OH NO!!!  It was WITH my coat.  How cold can this exhibit be??   It’s funny, because most everyone -especially children- all look like the brother in “The Christmas Story” with their coats and Parka’s on walking to the start of the exhibit.

You definitely know what 9 degrees is when you step through the door.   It’s cold, but not that cold.   The ice exhibit is amazing.  It’s amazing because people did the carving for hours, days, and months.    I can’t imagine.   There is music and the narration of the story in the background.  I was busy snapping tons of pictures.   I have to admit, I touched some of the exhibit to see if it was REAL ice.   It was!!!!   Now I have a new love for this Christmas show.   One part was the every character singing… This was really neat.  The detail that went into each character’s carving was exact, and looked like a real “person”.

Because Jesus is the reason for the season…. the last part of the exhibit depicted the real “Christmas Story”.  All in ice.  This was made up of solid clear ice.   With music playing in the background and the narration of the birth of Jesus Christ.     It was really something to see and hear.

The last two parts of the exhibit was the time that you really felt how cold 9 degrees really is….  While your coat and parka is keeping your main body warm… your hands and feet aren’t so lucky.   So I left with frozen ankles and toes and frozen finger tips.   I’m not glad that I didn’t slide down the ICE slide that is in the middle of the story.

Was it worth the $22 I spent to walk through this ICE exhibit?   YES!!!!   This is a must-see.   All kids would certainly enjoy it!!!!   Even the older “kids”….like me… would enjoy it!!   I highly recommend it.   I can’t wait to see what will be the exhibit next year!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


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