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Christmas – Gaylord Texan way…It’s all about ICE!!!!

It’s Christmas time!!   It’s hard to believe this year is coming to an end.  I won’t even post yet about how my year has gone!!!   No, I will now talk about Christmas in Grapevine, Texas.     Even better, the ICE at the Gaylord Texan hotel in Grapevine.   I believe, in August, they had some carvers flown in from China to start carving their latest ICE exhibit.   It’s 2 MILLION POUNDS of ice.    This year the theme is “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang this time of year.   Well, imagine viewing the whole tv show in person…. in 9 degrees!!!!   A bit intimidating for those that don’t like the cold.  Those that don’t like winter or temps below 70, might not want to attend this festive showing.

The Gaylord Texan is something to see in and of itself.   It’s HUGE, and the inside is spectacular.  You can view this at  I won’t continue to talk about that as the website has a panoramic view of the inside of their hotel.  It’s something to see.     The ICE exhibit begins in this huge waiting area, that has a huge Christmas train and village to view.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a train display like that.    Then you walk in with the sounds of the theme from “Charlie Brown Christmas”.  It’s not that cold.  But you have your coat and gloves that they insist you wear.  I had a new coat on that is fluffy and had a faux feathering hat attached.   But they will give you a Parka to wear.   So when the guy handed me a Parka, I thought it was instead of my coat.  OH NO!!!  It was WITH my coat.  How cold can this exhibit be??   It’s funny, because most everyone -especially children- all look like the brother in “The Christmas Story” with their coats and Parka’s on walking to the start of the exhibit.

You definitely know what 9 degrees is when you step through the door.   It’s cold, but not that cold.   The ice exhibit is amazing.  It’s amazing because people did the carving for hours, days, and months.    I can’t imagine.   There is music and the narration of the story in the background.  I was busy snapping tons of pictures.   I have to admit, I touched some of the exhibit to see if it was REAL ice.   It was!!!!   Now I have a new love for this Christmas show.   One part was the every character singing… This was really neat.  The detail that went into each character’s carving was exact, and looked like a real “person”.

Because Jesus is the reason for the season…. the last part of the exhibit depicted the real “Christmas Story”.  All in ice.  This was made up of solid clear ice.   With music playing in the background and the narration of the birth of Jesus Christ.     It was really something to see and hear.

The last two parts of the exhibit was the time that you really felt how cold 9 degrees really is….  While your coat and parka is keeping your main body warm… your hands and feet aren’t so lucky.   So I left with frozen ankles and toes and frozen finger tips.   I’m not glad that I didn’t slide down the ICE slide that is in the middle of the story.

Was it worth the $22 I spent to walk through this ICE exhibit?   YES!!!!   This is a must-see.   All kids would certainly enjoy it!!!!   Even the older “kids”….like me… would enjoy it!!   I highly recommend it.   I can’t wait to see what will be the exhibit next year!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


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Quotes and Light bulb moments…..

I read a good quote this morning on Facebook.   It read, “there is at some point in life when an ‘undo’ is required… it is all up to the individual”.

Anyway, it’s the weekend!!!   Nothing planned….   Just hanging out and staying cool with all this hot weather!!!

Until next time!!

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What I have learned from moving…..

Moving because my job demanded it.  Sounds typically stressful right??   You have NO IDEA!!!!

Let’s begin about 2 years ago.  Happily going to work each day, and thinking of the future at a growing  communications company.   Then the rumors went rampant that afternoon, we were sold!!!   It couldn’t be.   It really couldn’t be.

It was!!!!

Fast forward to this year.   Mid-February 2010,  we were told that our jobs would be moving to TX.   DFW area to be exact.   Doesn’t sound that bad, I thought.   I thought a  lot could happen and a new future for myself.   At least if the job failed there were tons to be had in DFW of Texas!!!!  The state that hasn’t had a lot of downtime due to the economy.. but that is a whole nother story.   I had a home of 4 years to sale and then pack.   I was going to sell the house , have a huge yard sale and move very little besides lots of extra money.  Yeah right!!!

After 2 months being on the market and 2 quite insulting offers, my house wasn’t sold.  And worse, I was getting called with an ultimatum… YES ULTIMATUM  to be in TX by July 1st of decide by end of the day to take severance.    I kicked into high gear on that.  I called contacts at another communications company and had a job interview via phone THAT day!!  I then, had a face to face interview two days later.  So I had to stay on and say I would move. All the while hoping and praying I got that job.

So fast forward to May 15th.  I came to TX to find an apartment. I have a dog you see, so therefore, this process was based on his needs.   I found one in one day basically.   However, it wasn’t my HOME!!!!!  My house, luckily for me ONLY FINANCIALLY, was rented by a gal that I believe will take good care of it.   However, upon arriving in TX — it’s hot as HELL, and I find myself lonely more so than I ever thought I would.  I have gotten out, only to have my car –front bumper- parked on by a Ford F150.

So what have I learned from this move…… job isn’t worth it!!!    When in the situation that your company is being sold to another one….GET OUT!!!!!  Plus, the fact that apartment life doesn’t compare to a HOUSE!!!!!

But hopefully, things will turn up!!! Most important things are what you have outside of work!!!  That’s the main learning from this experience.    I know what I’m capable of…and how to be happy.  I have a dog after all.

Until next time folks!!!

Leave comments…..what have you gone through on a move, regardless if for work, or just a move??!!!

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It’s CrUnCh-TiMe!!

It’s CrUnCh TiMe!!  What could that mean to you out there?  Nothing but to me it’s absolute madness.

Why is it crunch-time?  My job is moving me to Texas.  That sounds great right…it would be but one small problem..

I have to sell my HOUSE!!!  Have you ever had to sell your house so that you might have more opportunites to explore your life in other ways.  Sure when one door closes another one opens. But what if that one door never closes… it stays open.  That is my house…they house that hasn’t sold after being on the market almost 2 months.   So yes it’s crunch- time!!!

I have dropped the price as of today!!  Will that help it sell. One should have to wait to find out.

Why continue writing on this page when no one reads it!!!   blah blah blah!!!!!

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Today’s thoughts!!

Today’s Thoughts…..

Everyone has thoughts and they typically have them daily.  But some days your thoughts are more scattered and more numerous than the day before.

I’m selling my house so that I can move to Texas for my job.  I have been to the area.. the DFW area a couple of times before. I believe it’s a nice place to be.  I will enjoy the scenery and the many things that that area has to offer.  However, I have to sell my house first.    It’s a small house, perfect first time home for a single person or lovely newlywed couple.  But where are those types of people?  Why aren’t they looking at my house to see the potential it has to offer.  I have enjoyed my house and would love to ship it to TX ….if I could.    I have gotten an offer….  it was rather insulting to say the least.   Then my counter was rejected.  They wanted me to give them the house for less than what I paid PLUS pay numerous fees due to an “FHA” loan and all of the closing costs.  Bah humbug!!!  So I’m still needing to sell my house.   I will be glad once it sells, not that I look forward to moving into another apartment.  But that is the best choice until I know I like the area.   I will like the work place though. I –so far– like the people there.  I’ve met them and think I get along with them so far.   That is always good.

Another thought,… they come so often and are always scattered and different from previous thoughts…   Last Thanksgiving, I was wanting to get a part time job.   Not that I love to be working 24/7 but something fun to do and make money while having to do it.   I first wanted to get one at Starbucks….on the local Air Force base… I know, but the AF isn’t the Army. My luck with Army isn’t good. But AF men are the cutest.  Find an Airman while making extra money.  That didn’t pan out.  And it’s April now.  My other thought was sorting and putting out cards at various stores.  This is, I think, a perfect PT job.   You pick your hours as long as you’re not causing any customer issues, AND you make money. AND you’re not working 24/7.    So today, I got a PT job doing cards at 7 stores around my current home.   This could be fun. I could work early mornings on Saturday or Sunday, or maybe a couple hours at night during the week –NOT every night.   Some weeks it could be 7 hours, and others 15 hours.    It would be fun and I wouldn’t have a boss always there watching me.  I’m hoping that when I do move (as that never came up today) that I could take this PT job with me.  It might be helpful way to learn the area and meet other people in TX.   Not to mention, make extra money.

If I’m slated to move, I wish everything would just fall into that place.. the place where the house is sold and I find an apartment.  Everything is moved and I find what I need in TX.

But usually nothing works on YOUR time…but on time in general.    If it did, then we’d all have stress-free lives and nothing but bliss all the time.

Until next time.

~~ Anything to Say~~

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Happy St Patrick’s Day and GPS!!!

Hello everyone.. not really everyone when no one is really reading it!! I hope that some day someone will read my blog.

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!!!   Top of the morning to ya…. if only it wasn’t nighttime.  Sorry for that!!   I hope that everyone wore something green….and if you didn’t then you needed to be pinched!! I wore a bright green shirt jacket today!!   Today for lunch a group of us from work went to an Irish pub here in town.  They were busy to say the least.  But they had some great food.  No beer was allowed due to it being “work hours”.

Ireland was one place in Europe that I didn’t get a chance to see and wanted to so badly!!!   I had plans to go there but the husband at the time (Now EX- thankfully) decided to fetch him a Bulgarian  while deployed to Kosovo… that messed up my trip to Ireland.   I wanted to go to Shannon,Ireland and of course to kiss the Blarney!!!    One day I will venture there and do all of that and probably enjoy it far more than I ever would have traveling with the ex…    Anyway, I have been on this earth for 39 years and I have never seen a Leprechaun….who has seen one…ever???  I don’t mean the munchkins either!!!!  Or better yet, who has found that pot of gold??!!!!  I’d rather see/find that pot of gold.

Since my job is moving me to Texas…I purchased a Garmin GPS….   I know —I’m always years after the fact…But I did get one.  She led me to Walmart tonight….. as if I didn’t know how to get there.. ha ha.  Anyway, we say “wohlmart”….. she said “wale mart”  long a sounding….  It was weird to hear it that way.  I almost thought she was confused.  I say “she” because it was the lady. I like to call her “Ms Garmin”.     Whatever did our ancestors do without a lady on some computerized device telling them when to turn and now even what street and how many feet??   Be lost no more!!!

And I wonder if I keyed in “Leprechaun pot of gold” would Ms Garmin find it for me????

Happy St Pat’s Day everyone………..  have some good luck and eat some corned beef and cabbage today along with a Guinness.  (the green beers is an American thing because everything should be green on this day!!)

More later.,

Anything to say!!

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Hello world!

Hello fellow WordPress viewers,

I feel that this will be interesting and very fun. I hope to meet some people and read some interesting things while I’m here.  Of course, I hope that you find my blog is interesting and worth reading.

Blogging could be used as a journal, diary, complaining about the day….or how the day was exciting!!!

Today at work wasn’t that great.   I had to come home and have a beer…or as Germans call it “BIER”!!!  Either way it was very good way to end such a bad day.  My day was bad because of dumb people that think they know what they are doing but yet they don’t understand the whole concept of processes…  In this case, I think I was right…I just hope my current boss saw that.   This work is one that is merging from the “sold” company to the “buyer” company.  Learning their processes will ensure my continued employment.   How many out there has worked at the “sold” company before during the merging of the two companies?  Were you able to stay with the new company, move with the new company and most of all ‘flourish’ with the new company?

Enough about work!!!    I’m female and is basically owned by my dog.  Anyone with a dog knows you’re either the “owner” or the “housekeeper” for this dog.   In my case my dog is very spoiled and has me wrapped about every one of his four paws!!!  I’m not exactly sure how that happened….. or when.  Somehow, he was able to do that to me.   Everything is centered around him.   He doesn’t take “no” very well…he is very demanding…  (just like a male right?!!!!)  Just kidding!!!

Since this is my first post, I’m very scattered.  This isn’t supposed to be many different things all combined into this one day’s blog right?? Just the main reason I decided to do a blog. I am hoping that it will be read, but of course, not everyone will have their blog read by many millions of people.   But can at least one other person read this??  I have titled my blog “anything to say”…therefore, there won’t be a decisive on-going blog of just one subject.  Some days I might blog about work, dog, home life, love life, politics, or just that Spring is FINALLY here.

So I will end it on that note.  Hopefully, this didn’t run anyone far far away…after all, you can’t make a decision on the first thing you read, right?? But first impressions are important…but not always the only impression, right??!!

Take care everyone…until tomorrow!!!

Anythingtosay is signing off for now!!

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